• Oxford English Academy has arrived in Ulaanbaatar!

About Us


You will come to OEA a stranger, you will leave as a friend!


Oxford English Academy is the UK based training organisation now offering English courses at different levels in Ulaanbaatar.

Our dedicated and professional staff are CELTA certified teachers with more than 15 years of experience working in European countries. We believe that continual communication between the teacher and the student is essential in successful learning. We focus on the individual approach and in addition to regular lessons, we offer the following -


• Online learning platform for homework and additional materials

• IELTS Exam Club to practise exam strategies and mock exams

• One to one tutorials to discuss progress

• Free of charge additional workshops on grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation

• Conversation classes and other activities

• Consultation time (at school or online) If you have time, we will be there for you!


Our school is situated on Seoul Street in the heart of the city. We offer you modern classrooms with a maximum of 14 students per class.


Our teachers: With sixteen years of experience, our senior teacher has worked throughout Europe in various institutions, with various groups and levels. She worked as an EFL teacher and a Director of Studies in the United Kingdom for five consecutive summers (2014-2017). She holds a Master of Arts Degree in Linguistics, English Philology which is internationally recognised as an equivalent of CELTA. Over the years, she has prepared many students for examinations such as : FCE, CAE, IELTS successfully. She has worked with a wide range of nationalities, caring for international students. She is continually improving and growing in her teaching and managerial skills, and has developed into a truly excellent teacher and academic manager who relates very well with students. Her teaching methods have gained positive feedback from both students as well as teachers.


Oxford English Academy e-learning platform key aspects -

When you enrol to our school you will receive access to an extensive array of exercises and materials on-line. This unique e-learning platform is a library of self-access materials and exercises for students, serving as an exceptional method of supplementary study. Over 1500 units of English are contained here, covering all areas of English, and at all six CEFR levels. There are video introductions to grammar units, giving contextualised examples of language, all within carefully managed vocabulary loads. There are also video explanations of the grammar points to supplement the text containing all the pertinent information. Many grammar and vocabulary areas are covered in multiple units at different levels, keeping the load manageable. Reading and listening units cover a range of contexts, situations and accents, pronunciation covers both receptive and productive skills, and vocabulary includes lexical sets, wider semantic fields, collocations, idioms and phrasal verbs. Speaking and writing are also covered.


Does it have exam preparation tasks? Our on-line Exams Centre offers preparation and practice in all the major general and academic English exams: KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS, TOEIC and TOEFL.


In addition to having whole exams for students to practise their knowledge, we break each exam down into its constituent parts to analyse what it is testing, how it tests you, common pitfalls and advice about tackling the questions in the correct way. Exercises are timed to simulate the exam environment and encourage effective time management. All exam materials are written by practising exam teachers and Cambridge examiners Every exercise taken by a student is logged on our servers, and is available for the student or their teacher to view.

How can students access the OEA learning platform? The system can be accessed not only through your desktop or laptop computer, but also by tablets and smartphones. A student can therefore work on their English at home, at school, in a cafe or even on the bus!



PM super intensive

Three times a week classes: 3x50  mins, 3x 50 mins, 2x 60 mins.

Mon / Wed ( 15 min break )

Fri ( 10 min break )

15.30 -18.15

15.30 - 17.40

18.20 - 21.05

17.45 - 19.55

Tue /  Thur ( 15 min break )

Sat (10 min break )

15.30 -18.15

8.30- 10.40

18.20 - 21.05

10.50 - 13.00


PM intensive

Three times a week classes: 2x 50 mins, 2x 50 mins, 2x 50 mins.

Mon/ Wed/ Fri ( 5 min break )


15.30 - 17.15


17.25 - 19.10


19.20 -21.05


Tue / Thur ( 5 min break)

Sat ( 10 min break )

15.30 - 17.15

8.30 - 10.20

17.25 - 19.10

10.30 - 12.20

19.20 -21.05

12.30 - 14.20

Morning intensive

3 lessons a day

Morning super intensive

5 lessons a day

Mon -  Fri 3 lessons a day

Monday-  Friday 5 lessons a day

 09.00 - 12.10

09.00 - 14.20








OEA General English courses allow students to develop all their language aspects and become confident speakers of English at each level.  Everything you learn on the General English course is put to practice in many speaking tasks. We believe that theory is one thing but real progress is when you use what you’ve learnt in a practical way.  

Books: English File third edition by Oxford University Press

Course options:

  • 120 lessons, super intensive, 4 months
  • 120 lessons, intensive, 5 months

             A2 level: 90 lessons, super intensive, 3 mon


B2 level students can prepare for this exam on a super intensive or intensive course. This course has been designed to use many up-to-date resources accompanying the course book to help students learn the exam strategies and focus on all language skills.  To train efficiently, students are given additional material and  exam papers on regular basis to practise at home.

Books:  "Achieve IELTS 2" Upper-int-advanced band 5.5-7.5
Harrison, Cushen, Hutchinson
Marshall Cavendish

Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS self-study vocabulary practice
Paulene Cullen

And plenty of other resources

Course options: 
•    150 lessons, super intensive, 5 months
•    150 lessons, intensive, 6 months
•    150 lessons, Mon-Fri mornings, intensive, 10 weeks, 
•    150 lessons, Mon-Fri mornings, super intensive, 6 weeks


For students planning to take the IELTS in the future who are at B1 level.  Students can build more linguistic confidence on this intensive course in all  language skills and  do typical IELTS tasks , learn the exam strategies and gradually advance to B2 level.
Book: IELTS Foundation, Macmillan
and plenty of other resources
Course options: 
•    60 lessons, super intensive, (three times a week ),  2 months 
•    60 lessons Monday-Fri everyday mornings, 4 weeks
•    120 lessons, super intensive, 4 month


This course focuses on the language necessary for working professionals at different levels with business grammar, business vocabulary and business functions.   Apart from the course book, our e-learning platform has an extensive range of materials for students studying English for Special Purposes. 

There will be a range of other resources used to accompany the main coursebook.
Books: Market Leader, Pearson

Course options: 
•    90 lessons, super intensive, 3 months and 1 week.

Contact Us

Address: 11/1, 401 Seoul Street 2nd Khoroo Sukhbaatar district Ulaanbaatar Mongolia Tel: 77221219 Email address: info@oea-mongolia.com https://www.facebook.com/OxfordEnglishAcademyMongolia/